Nicholas Lai started coming to my studio many years ago as a cute little toddler, with a cute little cap atop his head and a tiny backpack full of his latest acquisitions. He was an energetic, bubbly and very chatty little guy, often sharing all kinds of information with me, as I worked with him at the piano.

Today, Nicholas is a little more serious and a little less chatty. He recently passed an audition for MacEwan University in Edmonton, and will soon be heading of on new musical adventures. Over the past fifteen or sixteen years, I have had the pleasure of watching Nicholas grow in many ways - physically, mentally, emotionally and musically. It has been quite a journey!

Whether he is playing Beethoven, Chick Corea, the blues or improvising, Nicholas has the unique ability to captivate an audience. He draws you in with his intensity, body language, deep sense of expression and musical sincerity. It is indeed, a rare gift!

Not only is Nicholas an amazing pianist, he also sings, writes, plays guitar, and fronts a band called "The Puppets". He is equally at home performing the classical repertoire, rock, jazz, or mixing his music in my digital recording studio.

Nicholas is no longer my student - he is my musical peer. I thank him for the years of memories and I am proud to be able to call him "My Little Buddy". I am truly going to miss him!

All the best to you, Little Buddy!