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Newly Renovated Studio with the Emphasis on Student Safety

Student Safety a Number One Priority

In the interest of creating the safest environment possible for my students, this summer, I undertook a complete re-design and renovation of my teaching studio. The plan was based around Saskatchewan Government Covid-19 Guidelines. A lengthy conversation with the Saskatchewan Government Small Business Covid-19 Guidelines after the renovation was completed, confirmed that I have met every safety consideration currently in place, thus giving me the go-ahead to once again be able to work with students in my studio. 

New Teaching Studio Features

  • My Teaching Studio features a private entrance, accessible through a courtyard with two different points of entry from the street. This entrance is exclusive;y reserved for students only.
  • The outside doorway opens up to a private hallway, isolated from the main house, with immediate access to the teaching studio entrance. This hallway has been optimized for to promote cleaning and sanitization. 
  • The teaching studio proper has been divided into two areas, one for students, the other for myself. Each area has its own piano. These are separated by a table, with a plexiglass barrier mounted on the table. This allows for optimal social distancing.
  • Contents of the student area have been minimized.
  • Student piano controls and student area piano bench are protected with easily sanitized and replaced plastic covers.  
  • At no time during the lesson will there be close contact between myself and students. Video of my hands on my piano will be broadcast on the large television screen for the student's benefit.  

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When it comes to your child's musical education, choosing the best teacher and program for your needs is a major decision. I offer alternative musical options for those not certain if Traditional Musial Education is the route for them. My teaching is based on a deep educational philosophy, developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, proven to work in the study of classical music. My focus is to apply these principles towards the nurturing of versatile Contemporary Pianists. My curriculum includes: Performance, ranging from the works of the Masters to contemporary composers; The study of notation and interpretation of the score; Advanced development of the ear; Improvisation; The elements of contemporary music; Encouraging creativity in each student; Experience in ensemble performance.  

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